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6' Cedar Cavangh w/ 2' Iron Bar Fascia Top

It’s never easy deciding on the details for any home improvement project, especially for the average home or business owner who might not have as much expendable income as they’d like. Every project will end up affecting everyone involved, both financially and figuratively, and going the extra step to canvas all possible design options can go a long way to minimizing problems.

If you want a beautiful fence in Ottawa, you need a supplier that’s ready to cover you every step of the way.

The Fence and Deck Store has an extensive selection of products and designs from some of the biggest names in the industry. We’ve successfully helped numerous contractors, design experts, and enthusiastic DIY’ers finalize the look of their property with perfectly fitting fences in Ottawa.

Quality Fences for Ottawa Residents at Great Prices

While oftentimes put in place to serve a practical purpose, some of the most impressive looking residences utilize fences to punctuate their design choice. It’s the very same reason why the white picket fence has become synonymous with idyllic suburban living after all.

If you want to convey the right image with a fence in Ottawa, then it’s important to take as many possibilities into consideration before finalizing your design. Our team of experts can help you decide on the most promising product that captures the spirit of your home and design vision.

You’re already putting in precious time and money to improve your property and it’s vital that the end result is something you can be proud of for years to come. We understand that our customers come with very diverse and unique needs and we work hard to make sure everyone is given nothing but the best items, with the best service, at the best possible price.

Whether you’re in the market for something that’s easy to install, extremely durable, or something more specialized, we’ll strive to find an ideal match. We stock a wide variety of items from industry giants like Ameristar, Westech, and more.

When you need the assistance of a professional, just give us a call 613-831-7236 and we’ll give you all the help necessary to start your project.

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Chain-Link Fence

Spectra, the latest generation of Master Halco's residential chain-link fence systems, provides the corrosion protection of zinc in addition to the durability and attractive appearance of polyester framework and extruded polyvinyl chloride fabric.
Montage 3-Rail Majestic

Ornamental Iron Fence

The Montage Plus by Ameristar is a premium line of ornamental iron fencing that looks great in almost any backyard.
Illusion V300 Series in White

Vinyl Fence

Creating a cozy, private space is simple with a Westech privacy fence system. What’s more, Westech fencing allows you to be creative. Cap a solid fence with lattice panels for a little more light…or, work with your installer to create a more contemporary look. Just use your imagination. Privacy doesn’t need to look stark.
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Welded Wire Fence

Designmaster™ Welded Wire Fence is a complete welded wire fencing system, able to enhance every architectural style. Designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending in with the background. Designmaster fence is a welded wire fencing system for residential, commercial and industrial fencing projects.
6' Cedar Cavanagh w/ 1' Square Lattice

Wood Fencing & Pre-Made Panels

Wood fencing is a cost affective option when looking to close in your backyard. Whether you choose cedar or pressure treat they will both last for many years in our Canadian climate.
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Specialty Fence

Affordable horse and farm fencing is available from Master Halco. These fences are adaptable, easy to install, and resistant to animal impact. Count on us to provide agricultural fencing for your next project.